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Full Service Real Estate Brokerages in Mississauga


With the housing market in every part of the GTA booming, REALTORS® in Peel Region are busy! In Mississauga, many dynamic new real estate brokers have entered the scene during recent years, while established firms continue to provide excellent service. There are different types of REALTORS®, and different specialties among them. Some deal with commercial properties, others exclusively with homes. Some provide services in more than one language; some specialize in particular areas of the city.


And some real estate professionals provide a limited menu of services, while other brokers guide clients through the entire process, offering a wide variety of services along the way. The former may charge a lesser rate, and are often referred to as "discount brokers.”  The latter are known as "full service brokers.”


What sorts of services does a full service broker offer? These can include almost any act that helps their clients move toward their goal. For a client who’s selling, a full service broker might set the price and list the property, help to reorganize and stage the house, and show prospective clients through it. In addition, of course, a full service broker will deal with paperwork, and act as a mentor to the seller.


When the full service broker is working for a buyer, key duties include helping to inform the buyer about the types of properties available in his/her price range and working to find the ones that match the client’s needs, negotiating with the seller, steering the client through making an offer on the property, drawing up contracts, overseeing inspections, and being present at closing to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


The Discount Broker


In contrast, a discount broker may do nothing more than provide the client with a listing on his/her site. While a seller is traditionally required to pay about 5% of the sale of the home to brokers (2.5% to the broker who sells the house, and 2.5% to the broker of the buyer,) a discount broker may receive as little as 1%.


This may sound like a good way to save money, but in fact, selling a house is more complex than it may seem, particularly in the current climate. Brokers are well positioned to sell a house, since they know the market, they know the selling points, and they’re able to tap into a network of buyers easily. A client may not have the contacts or skills necessary to do this. In addition, the client will have to schedule and conduct showings, negotiate with buyers, deal with complicated paperwork, and comply with necessary regulations. Some people believe this will not be difficult, but if you’re unfamiliar with the process, it’s easy to make a mistake. In addition, selling a house is time-consuming, and may take you away from your own work.


Although it may be tempting to try to save a few bucks by working with a discount broker, the risks are great and the work is tiring. Let a full service broker sell your home -- make sure that the job is done right!